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The Windows Update service is, as the name suggests, responsible for ensuring that your Windows PC is up-to-date. Urgent security and bug fixes, as well as new features and system enhancements, are made available through the Windows Update system. Restart your PC to ensure all the changes are in effect. To avoid this, you can windll.com/dll/abbyy-software-ltd/engine consider leaving the Windows insider program. Restart your PC and try using it again to monitor whether this fixes the high CPU usage. So, back up any important files you may want to preserve before going down this route.

  • In doing so, I discovered something really interesting.
  • The utility tool comes pre-installed with your operating system and can help to uninstall and clean old and unnecessary files.
  • Even with the millions of keys found in newer versions of Windows, the complete size of the registry will only be a small fraction of the size of a single HD movie.
  • For the sake of simple organization and user readability, the Registry Keys are, perhaps, the most important facet of the Windows Registry.
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If your CPU usage is very high when it’s not really doing anything intensive, then you might have a problem. This is typically represented by CPU usage; how much of the CPU’s processing capability is being used by workloads on your computer. To find out how powerful a CPU you need, check out the following guide. Apps that are using a lot of CPU can now be found at the top of the list.

Custom PC-Builder

This one isn’t used very often, and it just a link to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Current. All of the system-wide settings are stored here, and it is usually abbreviated as HKLM.

Specify Location of FTP.CFG

He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews. After a subsequent PC restart, the Bing search box will be entirely missing from your Windows 11 Start menu. The “Aero Shake” is a feature introduced in Windows 7 that lets you minimize windows by grabbing the one you want to keep open and “shaking” it. While it may sound cool, the option can sometimes minimize all your windows without you necessarily wanting that.

Malware Persistence without the Windows Registry

The system-wide database controls global PC settings, which are essential for the correct performance of your device. Not all programs store all their settings in the Windows registry.

Some of the most damaging cyberattacks in history, like Wannacry ransomware, were able to spread because of Windows users who had neglected to keep their systems updated. A major update resulting in 10% CPU use and 57 MB/s hard disk usage for WMIW. Thanks, In my case windows update was taking 50% of CPU all the time. Right after I disabled it, the memory usage went down from 90s% to 30s%. Turn off windows update so it doesn’t clash with the Windows Update Standalone Installer update that is used to install these. Restart your computer and then try to check for updates.